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PhD Student

Jonas LaPier

Jonas is a Ph.D. student in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Spokane, WA. He graduated from Harvard College with a B.S. in Environmental Engineering and a minor in Environmental Public Policy. His previous research aimed to model groundwater contamination of heavy metals using "big data" driven statistical techniques. 

Jonas has worked at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory on projects supporting the pump-and-treat remediation of contaminated groundwater at the Hanford Site (the Manhattan Project plutonium refinery) and also at the Green Science Policy Institute, a non-profit dedicated to reducing human exposure to toxics in consumer products.

Jonas's research interests center around finding solutions for environmental contamination problems that affect human health. Currently, he is investigating the reduction of halogenated organic contaminants using carbon-based electrodes and building accompanying predictive models using computational methods. Outside of the lab, Jonas enjoys riding bicycles and racing in triathlons.


B.S., Environmental Engineering, Harvard College, 2021